Interesting Links

Some links that you might find interesting.

Sarah Carp, Swiss Photographer

My Swiss cousin Sarah Carp is a photographer who amongst other things has created a very brave exhibition about being a stem cell donor for her brother Henri. You can see her website here.

Lifeboat Cafe, Baltimore

If you are in Baltimore in the summer you can see my work in Lifeboat Cafe there. It's run by Bernie O'Driscoll who also runs the Corner House guest house.

ChezFoto Gallery, Baltimore

Five West Cork photographers have opened a gallery in Baltimore, find out more at

Bushes Bar, Baltimore

Marion, Aidan and Tom run Bushes Bar which is really the centre of everything in Baltimore. You can see some of my work there covering the cigarette shelves. Great food, great pints and great company too!

Baltimore Sea Safari, Baltimore

Baltimore Sea Safari, who do super marine tours of the Baltimore area and tell me when there is interesting wildlife around to photograph.

The Manta Ray Conservation Society

The Manta Ray Conservation Group, a UK Charity specifically formed to assist the conservation of manta rays.